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Children's books written and illustrated by Robert Lyon

$20. each
Mick of the Marsh
Everyone knows that muskrats can’t fly!
Everyone that is except Mick...
Peepers Creepers
Heroes... come in all sizes...
Puffin Bros.jpg
The Puffin Brudders
A Christmas Story
Remember when Rudolph
saved Christmas?...

well.., welcome to the Maritimes!
stormpuffins copy.jpg
The Puffin Brudders
What the Storm Blew In
An Epic tale of love,  friendships
and a clash of cultures....

actually, it’s just another day in the
life of the Puffin Brudders!
The Puffin Brudders
Home for the Holidays
Christmas is full of surprises!
Tink and the Tidal Pool
It looks like Wilbur
might get his Seafood
Platter after all...

..then again.
The Christmas Migration
Can Christmas be saved?
The Henhouse Gang
The trouble with Toolfetch
Have you ever seen a chicken on the lamb?
Not since the Great Eggscape has there
been such a break for freedom!
But will Toolfetch find what she is
looking for?
Wee Smoot
Faeries of Fundy
A faerie tale for those who still believe...
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